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Welcome to my page!

My profile:
- Computer Science Background

- Experienced Software Quality Assurance Engineer (web, API, desktop, mobile)

- The primary programming language is Python

- Strong knowledge of auto-test creation

- CI/CD, DevOps

- Bot development experience, prototyping, API integration

- Creating and improving processes, experienced Agile user.

- Strong project and operations management skills

- Sometimes a little bit of robotics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc)

If you have any questions about quality assurance, don't hesitate to ask me.
Thank you.

Katryna Romanchuk

Welcome to my work Blog about QA, Automation and me

What issues can I help you with:
  • You are faced with the problems of implementing automation testing on your project

  • Insufficient testing


I will be glad If I can share my experience and help.

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On my opinion,99.9% of all problems that we face with at job do NOT come from “someone is bad and someone is good”,

they come from the incorrectly built process on the whole. 

My colleague used to say that
"the most important thing in IT is the people" and I absolutely agree with him.

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