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I am native of Kirovohrad (Kropyvnytskyi) city. At present, I live in Kyiv city. In 2010 I graduated from the National Aviation University, Department of Information Technologies. I have been working in my specialty since the 3rd year of study at the university. The first 3-4 years I worked as Manual QA Engineer and executed tests only manually. Later, I completely switched to test automation. I have extensive experience in large IT companies, as well as many start-ups. My first job was in a Ukrainian company, or rather, I was a tester on a project where we developed software for the Prosecutor General's Office. Later, I worked with German, American, Danish, Indian, Swiss, Hong Kong companies.

I have experience in access to upwork.

My main specialization is automation and development in Python, sometimes a little in Java, Swift, C# languages.


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Over the years of working in the field of technologies, I have faced a lot of problems with communication or incorrectly set processes – from periods when you want to create from dawn to night to periods of total emotional bottom.


March 8 many, many years ago.

Public Holiday. Day off in the country.

I remember waking up with the thought that I could finally go to the office and work in peace and silence. I came and saw the office so quiet. So calm. And so dirty...

I have never been a stickler for cleanliness and my house is rarely clean. But I'm talking not about this dirt ... Not about the things that are just scattered. I'm talking about the tables side by side, the table next to mine, on which there are straws from a juice of a hundred years ago, hamburger from McDonald's bought about 2 months ago, stubs, tea bags, a plate of spoiled jelly.

And torn slippers.

I took a rag and started to clean everything and throw it into a huge garbage bag. I woke up in the evening, when it was already dark, and I realized that I was finishing cleaning the last window.

Automation and me

10+ years of


in Software development 

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99.9% of all problems that we face with at
job do not come from
“someone is bad and someone is good”,
they come from the incorrectly
built process on the whole.

Kyiv, Ukraine


@ KaterinaIT

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