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Катя Джетнет / Safo Bora

Many years ago I came to Kyiv and started writing songs about everything: about myself, my family, things I love and hate. I filmed, edited video clips in Sony Vegas, drew posters, wrote lyrics, recorded. I had a million crazy ideas, plans, dreams.

I listened and felt everything that was happening around me – I allowed it pass through myself. I met many special people. Amazing times. Truly amazing.

10 years of my life, a period that I called “When the personal becomes public.”


Many videos were re-uploaded, many disappeared from YouTube.

Some pretty cool videos, which gained many thousands of views, disappeared.

Well, it is what it is – what is lost is lost.


I threw away all my flat caps and sweatpants from second-hand stores.


I am grateful to myself for this experience and that everything was just like that.


I have no musical education and I do not understand anything in music. I just did it the way it worked. I always wrote lyrics myself sitting on my knee. I sat down and wrote. Easily. I did everything quickly.


There was a time when I sampled the music myself. Later, the guys began to give me samples or I just bought them.




Пошук відео...
Катя Джетнет - 7 СЕКУНД (Official HD music video)

Катя Джетнет - 7 СЕКУНД (Official HD music video)

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Катя Джетнет и Алена Алькаида - Манекен (HD)

Катя Джетнет и Алена Алькаида - Манекен (HD)

Відтворити відео


Відтворити відео


At the age of 22, I released my album “22nd Spring”.


The Vkontakte group grew in number, and at the time when I deleted my account there, there were about 5000+ people in it.


Relations with rappers didn’t work out at all – I didn’t like to stay in the studio, I didn’t like to “hang until morning”.


I met Alona by chance, and all songs where you hear “2 voices” were sung with her, that was kind of fun. We complemented each other – we wrote the text easily and quickly.

Brown Bra
Girls at Music Festival
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